Ford Taurus Years

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The Ford Taurus was manufactured in 1985. It was introduced in late 1985 for the 1986 model year and six generations have been produced over the 34 years. The original Taurus was considered a milestone for Ford as well as the entire American automotive industry. This was because it was the first car at Ford designed using the statistical process control ideas introduced by W. Edwards Deming. He was consulted to bring a “culture of quality” to the company. It had a design that introduced many new features and innovations to the automobile marketplace. The vehicle saw a decline of sales from the late 1990’s to early 2000s as many of the market share went to Japanese midsize sedans. The Taurus took a brief break from being produced after the 2007 model year. During the 2007 Chicago Auto Show, however, Ford revived the nameplate and the car was back in production in 2008. There have been six generations of the car produced thus far.

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