Ford Mustang Years

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The Ford Mustang is perhaps one of the most iconic models in the lineup of cars produced by the brand. In 1965, the Mustang was debuted with a price tag of $2368. The company forecasted sales in the first year at less than 100,000 units, but the mark was soon surpassed three months from the launch date. In the first eighteen months, over one million Mustangs had been built, and there were over one million dollars in sales within the first two years. When the Mustang was introduced, it created the “pony” class of cars. “Pony” cars are defined as a class of affordable coupes or convertibles that have a sporty image. The cars distinguishing factors included long hoods and short decklids. Competitors began to pop up in the form of Chevy Camaros and Pontiac Firebirds. The Mustang was a pioneer in the performance realm. The car has survived numerous generations and has remained in production for over five decades.

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