Ford Fiesta Years

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The Ford Fiesta has a history dating back to the 1970’s. The car was first developed under the name “Bobcat” in 1972 after there were two similar vehicles recently launched by Fiat and Renault. The Fiesta was developed to fill the space in the supermini market, which is a set of cars classified as small cars that typically feature a hatchback body style. When it was developed, it was an all-new car and the smallest one made by the Ford brand. The car was on display at the Le Mans 24 Hour Race in 1976 and went on sale in France and Germany later that year. Right hand drive versions were later developed in 1977. The first generation of Ford Fiestas were initially available in the European markets but was introduced in the US in 1978. The US models had more powerful engines in them. The sixth generation Fiesta was introduced in 2009 at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and production ended in August of 2019. 

If you drive a Fiesta, you need to make sure that the parts and accessories you use with it are high quality. While you could save money upfront on some aftermarket components, you aren’t getting a guarantee of the quality of these parts. This means you’ll most likely be making more repairs down the line and costing yourself more cash and time. Investing in OEM Ford Fiesta parts makes sense, because they are made with the same measurements as your specific model. Find them here at Search Ford Parts.