Ford EcoSport Years

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Originally built in Brazil by Ford Brazil in 2003, the Ford EcoSport has been in production for a number of years but didn’t enter the North American market until 2018. The vehicle is a subcompact crossover SUV. The vehicle features a unibody construction and falls into the supermini classification. The first generation EcoSport was based on the European Fiesta and Fusion models. The vehicle catapulted to one of the best-seller models in Brazil and was often present on the list of top twenty best-selling vehicles. It was available with five different inline-four engines, and all the models had front-wheel drive with manual transmission as standard. The cars were also offered with a four-speed automatic transmission or four-wheel drive which had a manual six speed. A restyled version of the vehicle was introduced in 2008, which changed things like the bumpers and upgraded the dashboard. The second generation was introduced in 2012. Sales of the EcoSport were introduced in 2018.

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